Metropolitan Housing Trust

Design and Construction of Clapham Community Centre

The Project

We were appointed by Metropolitan Housing Trust to act as Employer’s Agent for the design and construction of a new Community Resource Centre (CRC) in Clapham Park. The CRC is the flagship support building needed prior to the implementation of a wider masterplan of new housing developments throughout Clapham Park.

The building was required to include a combination of commercial, sport, catering and public amenities to support the local community. Our client stipulated a tight programme and requested modular/volumetric construction be utilised in order to meet the deadline.

The building consists of a sports hall, commercial kitchen, office/meeting facilities and changing facilities – it will serve as a base for the local community and is one of the first new buildings in the area which will form part of the Clapham Park Masterplan.

Our Role

Following appointment in October 2017, our client only had limited information including outline designs and planning permission for the building. We prepared a package of information to enable the procurement of a pre-construction service agreement (PCSA) with a suitable modular/volumetric construction contractor as part of a two-stage tender.

The PCSA had a dual purpose of enabling concept planning stage designs to be developed into working construction drawings in addition to allowing key site surveys, such as geotechnical and unexploded ordinance investigations, to take place.

Following conclusion of the PCSA in early January 2018, FFT have overseen the second stage tender and a Contractor was ultimately appointed in February 2018 with a view to completing the £2m structure within a short period which would not have been possible using traditional construction methods.

The Challenges

This also had the benefit of not exposing our client contractually whilst investigations proceeded, if the works came in above budget there was no obligation to accept. Through regular design meetings any anomalies, changes to forecasted costs were monitored and reviewed with our client to mitigate unknown matters at the conclusion of the pre-contract process.

The Solution

FFT assembled the PCSA documentation which consisted of our clients existing project data, such as concept designs and planning information, and structured it by including Employer’s Requirements, preliminaries, firm second stage tender requirements and targets for the Contractor to meet at the conclusion of the PCSA. Following conclusion of the PCSA, FFT assisted our client throughout the second stage of the tender process which included evaluation of the Contractor proposals and cost. We produced a value for money report on the proposals and our client decided to proceed. Subsequently, we assembled the Contract documents.

We undertook monthly valuations and chaired progress meetings. Our services also extented post contract including final account and end of defects.

Added Value

We worked with our client closely at the second stage of the two-stage tender process following the PCSA to ensure alternative costs were sought from competing specialist Contractors, ultimately saving our client a considerable sum of money. A huge amount of work went into the PCSA preparation and management throughout with all our fees at risk until Contract stage – we strove to obtain the best possible offer for our client following the PCSA in terms of cost and programme.

We are meeting targets for both and using a specialist form of construction as requested by our client for an important community building.