Gravesend Churches Housing Association

Gravesend Churches HA Stock Condition Survey

the project

Faithorn Farrell Timms (FFT) was appointed by Gravesend Churches Housing Association (GCHA) to undertake a stock condition survey covering their portfolio of 679 dwellings and associated communal assets.

GCHA wished to create a new fully populated stock condition survey dataset to allow them to re-evaluate their financial forecasting and planned maintenance liabilities.

our role

  • All blocks of flats were to be inspected along with a representative external sample survey of the houses and bungalows across schemes. The external data was then to be cloned in each scheme from appropriate donor properties.
  • We were to integrate GCHA’s comprehensive records for internal components within the database.
  • To design a survey form and construct a stock condition survey database for the storage and analysis of the data.
  • Formulate a schedule of component cost rates and lifecycles appropriate to the range of assets and building components present within the portfolio.
  • To provide a comprehensive stock condition survey report complete with financial forecast analysis and the supporting data.

the challenges

  • The portfolio contained a high proportion of individual and small groups of houses for the external data sample.
  • Extensive database work was required to combine the surveyed data, cloning and desktop records.

the solution

We first conducted external reconnaissance and stock profiling to inform our survey and schedule of rates designs and formulated a re-structured asset list together with scheme based archetypes for sampling.

The project was directly managed by a Partner of the Practice who is a database expert and all surveys were conducted by one surveyor to promote consistency of data returns across the stock. We maintained close control of the sampling and survey returns across the schemes to ensure we gained the representation required.

A cloning process was undertaken whereby the core external data from suitable donor properties inspected was copied to unsurveyed dwellings within the same scheme. This data was then overlaid with the external and communal data for the blocks of flats and GCHA’s desktop records for internal components.

added value

We have furnished our Client with an open format fully populated and comprehensive dataset for their stock which can be used to produce cost reports and works programming. It also provides data in a format that can be loaded into the asset management module within their housing management database.