Dartford Borough Council

New Build Housing at Temple Hill, Dartford

The Project

Faithorn Farrell Timms were appointed by Dartford Borough Council to act as Employer’s Agent and party wall surveyors for the demolition of an existing cash office building and the subsequent design and build of six new flats.

Employer’s Agent services followed on from our initial project management appointment wherein we assisted our client in surveying the existing buildings and carrying out topographical site surveys, as well as appointing an architect to design the scheme and obtain planning permission.

Our Role

Dartford Borough Council approached FFT in the early stages with concept designs for the development of new build flats in a residential area of Dartford.

Our initial involvement included a survey of the existing cash office building and expedition of various site surveys such as underground radar, topography and asbestos. We facilitated the appointment of an architect and worked with the design team towards obtaining planning permission.

Following receipt of planning permission, we prepared a tender package for the works, assisted our client with tender reviews and were then appointed as Employer’s Agent and Principal Designer to prepare contract documents and manage the project through to completion. We were also appointed as party wall surveyors due to the building’s proximity to other structures.

The Challenges

  • The existing site was extremely condensed and close to both residential and commercial structures.
  • The existing buildings on the site were found to contain asbestos. An underground survey of the site also revealed a number of various services which would require diversion before construction could commence.
  • The site was surrounded on all sides by busy residential thoroughfares leading to shops which would require constant communication with the nearby residents.

The Solution

FFT expedited a comprehensive package of surveys prior to execution of the contract and during the design stages to mitigate risk and to establish detailed employer’s requirements in respect of elements such as services diversions and asbestos removal.

Our appointment as party wall surveyors allowed matters under the Party Wall etc Act 1996 to be handled in the early stages of the contract, enabling further risks to our client to be managed early in the process.  Following appointment of the Contractor, we chaired workshops and pre-start meetings to establish adequate health and safety protocols for the management of the site and liaison with local residents throughout the construction.

Added Value

Our appointment has evolved from initial project management and development of concept designs through to construction of the buildings. The in-house multidisciplinary capabilities of FFT have been utilised by our client and we have effectively acted in all these capacities to handle statutory, contractual and construction matters.