Origin Housing

Stock Condition Survey for Origin Housing

The Project

FFT were instructed to conduct a batch of 2,000 stock condition surveys on behalf of Origin Housing in the London and Hertfordshire areas. The data was to be provided in a format suitable for import into the client’s Keystone database.

Our Role

  • To conduct an impressionistic survey of the stock to increase knowledge of building types and ages and to refine the asset list for the portfolio.
  • Design a client specific and technical data collection method to capture the data in a format to be readily imported into the Keystone database whilst ensuring that all required aspects were captured appropriately.
  • To fully program the surveys and make direct access arrangements with the residents or scheme managers.
  • Origin had informed us that they required us to survey all external elements of every asset that we visited.

The Challenges

  • Origin uses Keystone but we were unable to use the Foundation data capture software and we had to devise a different method of data collection
  • The data to be collected was to match the configuration file within Keystone and then had to split into attributes and repairs files for import via the Keystone Generic Interface (KGI).

The Solution

We incorporated a suite of third party application onto tablet PCs in order to collect data, digital images, and RdSAP. The primary focus of the setup was to match the Keystone configuration as closely as possible. This mitigated unit of measure variances and would reduce our data mapping requirements post survey. The photos were uploaded to a cloud based hosting area and connected with Keystone. RdSAP values were imported into the energy module in order that they could be used for reporting and energy efficiency analysis.

Added Value

The alternative method of data collection proved extremely successful. However, we held regular meetings with the client to provide reassurances as to the data migration capabilities and monitoring of progress against a detailed sampling frame for the survey programme.

We made specific arrangements with the management staff at sheltered and supported schemes which allowed us to conduct surveys in an efficient manner causing minimal stress and concern to the vulnerable residents.