Thrive Homes

Thrive Homes Asset Management Database Health Check

the project

Thrive Homes had recently undertaken a review of the survey designs and schedule of rates within their Keystone asset management database system. This had been supplemented by a stock condition survey covering approximately 50% of the rented assets. We were appointed to undertake an overview health check, provide an opinion on the accuracy of the data held and make recommendations for ongoing data management.

our role

  • To conduct a review and perform analysis of the asset attribute listings held within the Keystone database.
  • To review the representation, source, age and completeness of data.
  • To benchmark the cost rates and lifecycles being used by Thrive to forecast planned maintenance liabilities.
  • To provide a comprehensive report together with supporting analysis for anomalies found and for areas where perceived improvement may be made.

the challenges

It would have been restrictive to have performed the analysis within the Keystone database and this may have interrupted the day to day asset management activities of Thrive.
We have an ongoing relationship with Thrive and any data queries could have had an impact on other areas of our service provision to them.
There was a significant volume of data to analyse.
There had been a change in personnel at Thrive and a new Keystone data co-ordinator was in place.

the solution

The project was led and managed by a Partner of the Practice who has a wealth of experience of asset management databases and stock condition surveys.
We provided a menu of data files we required to be exported from the Keystone database and we attended Thrive’s offices to offer support and guidance. A full review of all strands of data to be analysed was conducted together with the agreement of ancillary services to be provided.

Using our own IT expertise, we constructed a bespoke Microsoft Access database to analyse the information. This meant we could work more effectively from our own offices and there was no disruption to Thrive other than the initial time to export the files. This also gave us greater flexibility to design our own analysis and reporting routines to cross reference the data.

added value

We have provided data mapping services for attribute and repairs data for a portfolio of 300 properties Thrive has recently acquired from another registered housing provider. The data has been provided for import via the Key Generic Interface (KGI) into Keystone. We were able to perform this work in a cost-effective manner due to our familiarity with the updated Thrive configuration file from working on the health check exercise