Faithorn Farrell Timms is committed to the objectives of sustainable development and to achieving environmental best practice throughout all business activities, wherever it is practical to do so. We recognise that, in meeting the needs and environmental concerns of our clients and other stakeholders, we have a part to play in delivering sustainable solutions.

Our policies, processes and procedures, which comply fully with the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001, are designed to ensure all our operations are carried out in an environmentally sound manner in compliance with all relevant legislation. Partners are responsible for ensuring that environmental objectives and targets are met, and that opportunities for improvement are identified and implemented.

By sound office management practices, we will reduce our demand on natural resources wherever possible. We will also promote and follow a policy of recycling and good house-keeping, in respect of energy consumption, procurement and waste management. In particular, we will reduce our overall paper consumption.

We recognise that our clients’ requirements will take precedence over our environmental policy. However, through environmental assessments and plans, we will ensure, when required, that environmental criteria are taken into account in operational requirements and projects, in an effort to minimise pollution, harm to the environment and to maximise the potential for sustainable development.

We will encourage our clients to consider the environmental impact of their activities, and advise them on compliance with statutory requirements and best practice, by sharing our information and environmental experience with them.

All staff have received suitable training in the environmental aspects of their working activities, and are kept up-to-date with the key areas of regulations and legislation. All staff are fully aware of the purpose and objectives of our environmental management system and procedures, and how our knowledge and experience can be applied to the furtherance of environmental objectives generally, as well as our clients’ individual requirements and aspirations.