Agency and Valuation


Taking on new property carries risk, namely that the property is fit for purpose and is on budget. We help clients mitigate those risks by identifying suitable properties. Using our expertise, we consider the development potential and identify planning constraints and opportunities; clients can then make an informed decision about whether the acquisition will add value in the long term.

We value, acquire and dispose of property, to help you fulfil your strategic objectives. Private, commercial and public-sector clients throughout the UK have benefited from our comprehensive agency and valuation service.


If you’re faced with a surplus of properties, we can help advise on the best way forward. We’ll assess the stock against its Existing Use Value and advise on alternatives to disposal, such as development.

You can place the responsibility totally with us. We’ll prepare a marketing strategy to optimise the sale proceeds. Or, if development is the best route, we’ll work to secure the appropriate planning permission.