The responsibility of being a landlord is considerable, whether your portfolio is small or large. Providing safe, fit-for-purpose accommodation that meets the community needs while fulfilling the organisation’s strategic aims is a balancing act. That’s where FFT come in.

We work for a range of social housing clients across the UK to carry out all aspects of Building and Quantity surveying, including contract administration and project management. From the straightforward replacement of windows, roof coverings, kitchen and bathrooms to the more complex feasibility studies and pathology reports into building defects, our clients trust us to deliver.

Building and Quantity Surveying is the heart of our practice. Our RICS-qualified building surveyors help social housing clients build, maintain and develop housing stock for the good of residents and the wider community.

Our surveying work also extends to visual and intrusive cladding surveys, fire risk assessments and general fire remediation surveying. No matter what the task, our utmost focus is on safety.

Expert Witness

Maintaining rented property in a state of good repair is a legal responsibility. Failure to do so can result in legal action against the landlord, whether they are a private landlord, housing association or local authority. And while the vast majority of landlords meet and indeed exceed their obligations, disputes do arise.

In these circumstances, clear, accurate reports and an informed professional opinion are invaluable. This information can help solicitors acting for landlords or tenants handle the case effectively. Faithorn Farrell Timms offers a reliable expert witness service.

Unbiased professional input from an experienced Chartered Surveying Practice. Housing associations, local authorities and solicitors benefit from professional dispute resolution, thanks to our holistic understanding of building construction.

How FFT helps with expert witness reports

FFT offers a wealth of experience across all aspects of building construction, management and defects investigations. Our experienced RICS-qualified building surveyors have a firm grasp on regulations, repairs and costs. You can rest assured that the input you receive will be of the highest standard.

Clients can also feel confident that we are experienced in handling expert witness reports. We take our obligations seriously; our surveyors are fully trained and understand their duties as experts reporting to the court.

This 360-degree view of every situation results in smooth project management and less worry for clients. Every condition report prepared by the team at FFT is reviewed by a Senior Partner before it is sent on. Not only does this offer quality assurance, it prevents delays caused by a lack of clarity later on. The faster disputes are resolved, the better it is for everyone, especially the tenants at the heart of the case.

Housing Condition Claims

If landlords, including housing associations and local authorities, fail to maintain their properties there can be legal repercussions. When claims do arise, our expert witness reports can help resolve the dispute by providing an objective, professional opinion.

Expert witness reports on housing condition claims resolve disputes and speed the process. FFT’s construction expertise helps landlords and tenants settle claims, and equips solicitors with the information they need to handle their case.

Why work with FFT on Housing Condition Claims?

As a Chartered Surveyors’ Practice, we are continually involved in new-build projects, managing residential repair contracts and carrying out defects investigations. Our finger is on the pulse of all things construction including the regulations, standards and rights of all parties.

Our housing condition reports are written by our qualified, experienced RICS building surveyors. Each report is checked by a senior professional before being sent to the courts.

The personal responsibility that our staff take has considerable benefits for clients. Firstly, quality is assured. Secondly, value follows, because our quality control process prevents delays in the claim.

Nobody likes to be embroiled in a dispute, which is why we do everything in our power to help resolve the situation quickly.

Party Wall Services

When developing existing property with a Party Wall, there are many considerations for landlords that need to be made under the Party Wall Act 1996. There are many risks too. If outgoing notices are not issued correctly, delays and legal disputes can arise which have financial and time-related consequences. Even when notices are issued correctly and in a timely manner, disputes can still arise from the adjoining property owner.

A Party Wall expert can minimise these risks, ensure that all processes are compliant, meet deadlines, and negotiate effectively when disputes arise. FFT offers many years’ experience in dealing with Party Wall agreements.

FFT has a dedicated Party Wall team, on hand to offer guidance whether you are issuing Party Wall notices, or seeking to protect your property as an adjoining property owner.

When do you need the services of a Party Wall expert?

The two scenarios in which you might require expert advice from a Party Wall surveyor are as follows:

  • When you are making alterations to a shared Party Wall
  • When you are seeking to consider or oppose a notice from an adjoining Party Wall owner

What are the benefits of using FFT for Party Wall services?

Clients request our help with navigating the complexities of Party Wall agreements for several reasons, including to prevent delays, avoid legal disputes and reduce risk.

Our dedicated Party Wall team comprises industry-recognised specialists. Headed up by our dedicated Partners, our team’s expertise covers all aspects of Party Wall agreements, right to light, neighbour disputes and licence agreements. We offer a fully compliant service, geared towards helping you make sound decisions that won’t negatively impact your organisation, project or the lives of your residents.

Timely responses to Party Wall notices, for maximum efficiency

Timeliness is a key facet of party wall procedures. Across two decades of assisting clients, we have developed systems to ensure timely responses. This is key to meeting deadline-dependent statutory notices and keeping the project on track.

Clients are often worried about delays to their project which could impact the budget or their residents’ lives. Our surveyors can assess the building’s structural condition in advance, so all the information is at hand when needed.

Surveying is the beating heart of our practice, which is good news in terms of Party Wall matters.

Our team of experts are qualified RICS building surveyors with decades of experience. Our knowledge of all aspects of construction, the legislation that surrounds it, and the processes that must be adhered to, allow clients to see the bigger picture. This 360-degree view fosters strategic decision-making with sound reasoning and the end-goal in mind.

A relationship-based approach for efficient project management

Party wall negotiations can be complex and stressful, something which is eased by having a good relationship with your party wall advisor. Our staff take pride in offering exceptional service and building strong client relationships. This leads to a deeper understanding of the project needs, better communication and a smoother process.

A good example of this is the work we have done for Partners for Improvement. Over 17 years, we have assisted with Party Wall matters for their 8,000 properties, with the client consistently returning to us.

Free CPD workshops for your staff

Operational staff need to keep track of many different types of legislation, as well as performing their day-to-day duties. FFT offers complimentary workshops on Party Wall regulations to better equip your own staff with the knowledge they need. The training counts as CPD. Our aim is to increase understanding and build confidence and skills in your in-house staff.