Network Homes

Bilton Road, Wembley

The site was in use as a document storage warehouse and was bounded on all sides by existing residential dwellings, a parade of shops and an ongoing development to the rear.

FFT were appointed as Employer’s Agent and Principle Designer in 2017 and worked with the Employer to carry out a diligence on the site to identify risks, and in support of the planning consultant while preparing a submission for approval.

From this process, we identified that a number of Party Wall awards would be required, there was an existing high voltage electricity cable serving a sub-station to the rear of the site, significant remediation would be required and the site access would be hampered by the requirement to maintain pedestrian footfall safety to the shops at the front of the site.  It was also highlight that the existing access to the site was via a small break between shops and houses from the adjacent main road.

As the design was in the early stages and following our advice on costs of relocating the electric cable present underground, we were able to influence the design so that the three blocks proposed on the site were located in such a way as to avoid the need for diverting or lowering of the existing services.

As part of the tender information issued, our commissioned ground investigation reports and asbestos surveys of the existing building enable Contractors to offer costs which accurately reflected the works required, negating the need for provisional sums in their pricing.

Tendering Contractors were also required to advise on their strategy for access to the site with the local amenities and residents in mind.  The appointed Contractor offered negotiation with the works team on the adjacent development, to utilise their site access which was eventually successfully realised.  This not only reduced the need for complex traffic management of the existing site access but diverted heavy construction traffic away from the main pedestrian areas.

As part of the pre-Contract negotiations, Contractors were also asked to advise on how they planned to store materials required on site given the restricted space and likely high level of activity planned in comparison with the size of the site.  The appointed Contractor advised that they had agreed to lease a area of land from an adjacent industrial unit, which allowed for materials to be delivered and securely stored in close proximity, and moved on to site when required.