Project Management

Initiating a new project is an exciting yet daunting prospect. At every stage, from pre-construction through to completion, there are a myriad of things to consider and decisions to be made. Add the weight of legislation and the need to be fully compliant and project management can quickly overtake the day job.

Full-service project management for all aspects of construction, from new-build to redevelopment. We take the lead role, freeing clients to focus on their community.

FFT have extensive experience in undertaking the role of Project Manager, where we take the lead role in the application of various construction projects. This includes:

  • Assisting with initial site appraisal
  • Ensuring design development is complementary to local authority planning aspirations
  • Securing planning approval
  • Facilitating all project aspects including:
    • Site relocation
    • Integrating IT systems
    • Staff training to familiarise schemes to the operators who will maintain the development

Take a look at an example of a scheme successfully project managed by FFT.