A partner who places as much importance on social value as you do.

Our clients’ work has a direct impact on people’s lives, which means our work does too. We take social value seriously. Careful consideration underpins all of the decisions we take in our work, so we can be sure it has a positive effect. By working together, by offering the very best in quality and value, we aim to make the places and communities we serve better. There are several key ways we do that.

Supporting our people

Quality is at the heart of all we do; investing in our people allows us to offer the very best to our clients. As a result, the wider community benefits, too.

We offer internal CPD, provide apprenticeships, support further career development and provide work experience placements to young individuals starting their career. When our people are fulfilled, knowledgeable and skilled, those attributes have a direct impact on our clients’ projects. That positive impact benefits the whole community, not just in terms of the physical space; but also its economy.

Supporting our clients

Your goals are wide-ranging and your commitment to social impact is clear. At FFT it’s not enough to do good work that supports our clients’ vision, we go further and actively seek to help clients identify opportunities to make a difference.

When working on a project with people at its heart, careful thought goes into each decision. We take the time to understand not only client goals but the reasoning behind them. The result is that we can allocate the most appropriate resources to help meet their objectives. For example, every project we take on is managed by a dedicated Partner. Clients benefit from exceptional value and quality assurance. And for us? Well, we can rest easy knowing we’re doing the best for our clients and community – and living up to our ISO 9001 Quality Management Accreditation.

Supporting our suppliers

What’s good for you is good for me, as the saying goes. FFT doesn’t just apply this philosophy to our people and clients, but to our suppliers also. Sustainable business and commercial growth has positive social, economic and employment impact. 

We actively make subcontracting opportunities more available for smaller firms. In doing so we encourage suppliers to take responsibility for their own corporate social responsibility agendas, creating more opportunities to have a positive charitable and social impact. 

Supporting the community

Community echoes through everything that we do at FFT. The same is true for our clients: it’s what they strive for each day. 

There are two main ways in which we support the community: through our work and through charitable initiatives. 

Our work

Community-first is an approach we hold dear. This is evident in how we go about our work: 

  • Understanding a project, client or community needs by listening
  • Using our skill and expertise to get to grips with a project and clearly communicating with all parties
  • Taking personal responsibility for the small actions as well as the large. All decisions have an impact on the big picture, as well as the individual

The projects we choose, be they certain clients or community projects, reflect our commitment to providing social value.

Charitable initiatives

Our commitment to social value is demonstrated through our involvement with and support of a range of charities:

  • We’ve donated 100+ PCs to local schools and community action groups
  • Have developed and led hygiene poverty initiatives during critical times in the year
  • The Effinity Charitable Foundation is our very own charity. With this initiative, we aim to provide self-improvement opportunities to disadvantaged young people. The outcome we hope to achieve is that they will be equipped to deal with life and able to participate fully in society 
  • Over the years, we have supported many charities either through strategic partnership, corporate fundraising and donations 

Considering the environment

The environment we consider stretches beyond the immediate vicinity of work, home and community. It’s about finding ways of working that benefit the planet as a whole. 

Our clients, the community and the planet benefit from our ISO 14001 Environmental Management Accreditation. Water, fuel and paper are precious resources, ones that we take care to use responsibly. We’ve also developed environmental management initiatives to manage waste and travel. 

Our commitment to social value is palpable. If what we have outlined here matches your own values, why not explore our services. Perhaps we can help bring the project you envision to life?