20th Anniversary Initiative Continues to Give as Washbag Initiative Tackles Hygiene Poverty in Local Communities

23 November 2021

FFT’s 20th anniversary Twenty for Twenty initiative continues to keep on giving, as its Charity and Social Value theme, headed by ambassadors Lynn Bekir and Adam Keys, builds on our 20-year commitment to supporting charitable and community-based causes.

Recognised by the senior partners of FFT as an issue on an even par with food poverty, hygiene poverty is something the Practice has endeavoured to tackle in recent times. In 2020, 1250 wash bags were produced and, via a number of our clients, distributed into communities where families would otherwise be unable to afford anything other than basic essentials.

This year, the wash bag project became a huge team effort. With 1000 to put together, a call to action went out amongst the FFT family, and we could never have imagined the response. 15 staff, complete with families in tow, gave up a whole evening to prepare the bags. Despite the fact that three nights had been set aside for the task, the whole lot were prepared in just a single sitting, all thanks to the team spirit and determination of everyone who volunteered.

In admiration for the team, FFT Associate Lynn Bekir said: “I was truly overwhelmed by the support shown in getting the wash bags made up. The positive atmosphere on the night was fantastic, everyone was totally behind the initiative and there was a wonderful feeling of working together as a team to help others less fortunate, during what is typically a difficult time of the year.” 


First batch of wash bags arrives at Edward Alsop Court

Now this year’s batch of wash bags, filled with the likes of shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, hand sanitiser, toothbrush and toothpaste, has started being distributed around the UK through our clients and charities with the greatest needs. One of the first was Edward Alsop Court.

Edward Alsop Court is a 79-bed hostel in the heart of Westminster, managed by Look Ahead Care and Support. It provides a home, security and support to men aged 30-88 who have been referred by the local homeless outreach team.

Staff at the hostel work tirelessly alongside local professionals to provide a range of invaluable services such as dietary advice; dentist, optician and GP visits and drug and alcohol rehabilitation, enabling those they care for to re-start their lives and move on to either private rented accommodation or sheltered housing.

Edward Alsop Court was just one of a number of schemes managed by Look Ahead Care and Support that received a share of this year’s FFT wash bags. On 15th November, Lynn Bekir and Adam Keys were invited to the hostel to meet manager Lynette Brophy, who gave them a tour and introduced them to some of the residents as they received their bags.

Lynn Bekir said, “The hostel staff are dedicated to the welfare of their residents and as such are always seeking ways to improve their living environment. We are looking forward to continuing our support for Edward Alsop Court through donations and by backing various projects, such as the redecoration of their communal spaces. We fully support Lynette and her team in making a real difference for their residents.”