How We’re Supporting our Staff in Their Personal Learning and Development Goals

14 November 2022

At FFT, we have always believed that to support our people is to deliver the best in client service.

The better our staff are equipped with skills and knowledge, and are working in a motivated environment where they know their own personal aspirations are important, the greater the benefit to our clients. The same goes for staff retention: the longer serving our staff, the greater the continuity for everyone we work for.

When we celebrated our 20th anniversary of business in 2021, we launched Twenty for Twenty, an initiative consisting of four themes centred on our core practice values and aimed at enhancing engagement, support and relationships. One of the themes was People Skills Development, and it’s under this theme that we are proud to have launched Succession, our talent development programme, exclusive to FFT staff.

What is Succession?

Succession is designed to help staff learn more about the Practice and how it works, as well as supporting individuals in their own aspirations to move forward with their personal learning and development.

Candidates on the programme will be encouraged to recognise their strengths and make the most of their talents, whilst filling any knowledge gaps and enhancing their natural abilities.

As well as helping everyone develop as individuals, our hope for Succession is that it will equip the practice with the best possible grounding as it grows steadily and successfully into the future.

Promoting from within is the best way to strengthen a business, as our people grow with us and instil our values into those they train and mentor. It’s all part of our investment in staff, and our continuing commitment to retaining our Investors in People Gold Standard.

How does Succession work?

The Succession programme consists of five core themes covering values and culture; responsibility; performance; logistics, and business. Each theme is made up of a variety of mandatory and elective courses.

Succession is based on blended learning, combining on-the-job, work-related learning and research. Knowledge and understanding is evaluated by a member of the Senior Management Team with the likes of written assignments, case studies and presentations.

As an ever-growing business, we recognise that we could well have members of staff with untapped potential or skills which could be useful in many ways.

Our aim is to give everyone at FFT the chance to develop these skills for their own personal benefit, for the benefit of the Practice, and for the benefit of our clients.

Keep an eye out for news about our first cohort next year!