Tablet Donation Aids Skills Development at Local School

29 November 2021

FFT’s 20th anniversary Twenty for Twenty programme continues in full swing. Our latest initiative, supporting Riverside School in Orpington, shines a light on the People Skills Development theme, headed by Associate Partner and ambassador Shane Jeeves.

Whilst the Twenty for Twenty People Skills theme is about supporting our workforce in their personal and career development aspirations, importantly, it is also very much about reaching out into our local communities and creating opportunities to develop confidence, broaden skills and capabilities and help individuals fulfil their ambitions.

One way we have done this is through our work with Riverside School. The school is an inspirational and highly supportive place for pupils with special educational needs. One of their aims is to ensure everyone who passes through the school leaves as confident, lifelong learners, and the school’s mission is to transform their children’s lives and inspire breakthroughs in the way society enables children with complex needs to find true fulfilment.

Eager to help support the educational needs of the children, and combining our efforts in terms of sustainability, whilst in the process of upgrading the tablets used by our survey teams, we made the decision to recondition and update the existing two-year-old devices and donate them to the school.

Last week, Shane attended Riverside School to present the seven tablets. Whilst there, he had the pleasure of meeting two of the pupils, as well as Assistant Headteacher and Head of Secondary Provision Clare Collett, who very gratefully received the devices.

In addition, to help the school raise funds through their Christmas raffle, we donated a brand new iPad.

Shane said, “Riverside School is a very inspirational place, with incredibly dedicated staff and a true community feel. It was a pleasure to visit and present the tablets to the pupils who I’m told are set to benefit considerably from them in an educational sense. They’ll also be using them to help manage their soon to be opened community Café. We’ll continue to support the school through our various initiatives and do all we can to help them fulfil their admirable aims.”