Clarion Housing Group

Clarion Housing Group Stock Condition Surveys

the project

Following a competitive tender process, Faithorn Farrell Timms was appointed by Clarion Housing Group (Clarion) to undertake stock condition surveys to a number of hard to access dwellings to provide up to date component information. Our client wished to capture full component data for the buildings in order to provide long term cost forecasting.

The data was to be provided in a format suitable for import into the client’s current database in anticipation of it being migrated to a new fully integrated asset management solution in the near future.

our role

  • To design a survey form and method of capture to ensure all the data returned could be readily imported into the Codeman database. There was no reporting requirement for the projects and the primary aim was to collect data for properties that could not be accessed through previous survey programmes undertaken by another consultant.
  • To make all access arrangements with residents to gain entry to their homes.

the challenges

  • The assets earmarked for survey were hard to access properties where entry attempts had been made on several occasions in recent years.
  • Adverse weather in the form of major snowfall was experienced in the south of England during the survey period making traveling treacherous in some areas.

the solution

We wrote to the residents asking them to arrange appointments with us directly and also took the opportunity of knocking on every door whilst in the area. Calling cards were posted if no answer was obtained which further alerted residents to our presence in the area, requesting a call back at their convenience.

We made every effort to battle through the adverse weather conditions as this was a prime time to catch residents at home. However, it was deemed unsafe for our surveyors to access some of the more rural stock areas on certain days when the weather was at its worst. However, in the knowledge that most residents would be at home, we did use this opportunity to try contacting them by phone to arrange appointments.

We created a survey form with components, material types and units of measure that matched Clarion’s design. However, the data was captured in our structure to facilitate better validation routines.  We then transposed and mapped the data in an electronic format to suit the Codeman layout. This enabled Clarion to successfully load the data directly.

added value

Through our proactive access arrangement system and the endeavours of our surveyors, we conducted surveys to over 450 dwellings that could not be accessed through the previous programmes procured by Clarion.

Whilst on site, we recorded any safety repairs required and passed these back to our client along with a photograph in order that they could arrange immediate remedial works.