Redecoration Breathes New Life into Men’s Hostel

Look Ahead supports thousands of people across London and the South East with a diverse range of needs. Their mission is to help these people make individual choices, achieve goals and take control of their own lives, courtesy of tailored support, care and accommodation services.

Edward Alsop Court is one of the organisation’s schemes. A 79-bed hostel located in Westminster, it provides a home, security and support to men aged 30-88 who have been referred by the local homeless outreach team.

About the cause

The hostel building was in need of some attention, requiring redecoration works to its office, canteen, entrance lobby and chapel.

We discussed the project with one of our valued contractors, Axis Europe, who volunteered to deliver the works in its own time. Once we’d made the introduction, Axis and Look Ahead co-ordinated together to get the necessary works completed.

How we helped

As well as co-ordinating the renovation, we also donated a television for the chapel. In addition, our staff came together to collect books, CDs, DVDs and sports clothing which were passed to Look Ahead for use in the communal spaces at the hostel.

The outcome

The redecoration works have breathed new life into the hostel and have made a considerable difference to the welfare and morale of its residents.

Our social value commitment

We visited Edward Alsop Court on a previous occasion when we donated filled wash bags as part of our campaign against hygiene poverty, and we learnt more about the fantastic work they do to ensure the welfare and comfort of their residents.

Being able to join forces again on the redecoration works, with input from Axis Europe, has been a gratifying part of our social value commitment through our Twenty for Twenty anniversary programme.