Workshop Helps Build Self-Assurance in Young People

Fresh Visions is a registered charity that supports children, young people and adults facing extreme disadvantage. The charity undertakes a number of vital projects aimed at helping people gain control of their lives by developing skills, confidence and motivation so they can build a brighter future.

About the cause

Fresh Visions relies on support from grants and private funding. FFT client South Housing (formally Optivo), a social housing provider, is one such supporter. Their mission to enhance lives by building new homes, and continuing to support its residents and communities, fits well with the ambitions of Fresh Visions, and also with our social value commitment.

At FFT, we are seeking ways in which we can support important community initiatives, and help make a difference.

Our open relationships with our clients and our regular meetings allow us to identify opportunities in which we can do this. And this is precisely how the idea came about of helping young people transitioning from primary to secondary school, or those who had experienced bullying, build their self-confidence.

How we helped

After sharing the idea with Southern Housing, they went ahead and organised the Hastings Kickboxing Academy. This was a programme designed to help young people learn vital self-defence skills and anti-bullying techniques, helping to enhance levels of self-assurance.

We agreed to fund the 2.5 hour workshop, allowing 10 young people to take part for free.

The outcome

The workshop, held in October 2020, was a roaring success.

Our social value commitment

The social value commitments of our clients are very important to us, which is why we actively make efforts to identify how we can help make a difference in their communities.

Through regular meetings with our clients and their representatives on the front line, we are able to marry their social value mission with our own vision for futures without barriers, where children and young adults get to build their confidence and realise their true potential.